Washington Watch: Legislative Update

For the Week of 5 February 2018

I. Legislative News and Activity  

II. This Week in Congress

III. Update on Top Legislative Priorities 

IV. Reminder: Day on the Hill is February 12-14.

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Day on the Hill Briefing is 4:00 PM on Monday, 12 February at D.C. Lodge #1. Briefing book available here.


Senior Advisor to the National President, Jim Pasco:

  • Met with Frank J. Larkin, Senate Sergeant-at-Arms regarding the plans for the Peace Officers Memorial Service;
  • Met with Jennifer L. Korn, Special Assistant to the President regarding law enforcement vacancies and current appropriations;
  • Spoke with Thomas E. Brandon, Acting Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regarding bump stocks;
  • Spoke with Michelle L. Leonhart, former Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration regarding background and perspective on opioid epidemic;
  • Spoke with Jon Adler, the Director of the Office of Bureau Justice Assistance to discuss assistance programs for State and local law enforcement programs.

Senior Legislative Liaison Tim Richardson:

  • Met with staff in the office of Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to discuss the FOP’s legislative priorities;
  • Spoke with Lou Cannon, Chairman of the Memorial Committee, and held several discussions with Congressional staff regarding the resolutions necessary for the FOP to use the Capitol Grounds for the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.

Senior Legislative Liaison Richardson and Legislative Liaison Michael Martin:

  • Met with senior staff in the office of Representative Ralph W. Norman, Jr. (R-SC) to discuss legislation to better assist officers and their families who are injured in the line of duty and are forced to separate from service;
  • Spoke with staff in the office of Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) to discuss the FOP’s proposed legislation to make it a Federal offense to target a law enforcement officer because of their profession.

Senior Legislative Liaison Richardson and Legislative Liaison Scott Marks:

  • Represented the FOP at the quarterly meeting of the Public Safety Advisory Group for the Public Safety Officers’ Benefit program;
  • Represented the FOP at a meeting of the Public Pension Network to discuss potential legislation harmful to public pension systems;
  • Represented the FOP at a stakeholders meeting to discuss pending legislation o the collection of beneficial ownership data and other anti-money laundering initiatives.


There was a partial government shutdown for just a few hours. The government is now funded until 23 March.

Action in the House

The House considered and passed H.R. 1892, the “Honoring Hometown Heroes Act” by a 240-186 vote. This legislation is the vehicle for the Continuing Resolution which funds government operations through 23 March. As introduced, this legislation was supported by the FOP. The original language, amends the existing U.S. flag code to allow governors to fly the American flag at half-staff in the event a law enforcement or other public safety officers fall in the line of duty, remained in the bill which was transmitted to the President’s desk for his signature. The bill is now law.

Action in the Senate

The Senate considered and passed H.R. 1892, the “Honoring Hometown Heroes Act” by a 71-28 vote. This legislation was the vehicle for the Continuing Resolution which funds government operations through 23 March and was transmitted to the House of Representatives for further action.

Action in Senate Committees

The Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing titled: “Beneficial Ownership: Fighting Illicit International Financial Networks Through Transparency.”


For the complete list of cosponsors for all of our top legislative priorities, or to find out if your Representative and Senators are cosponsors of specific bills, check out https://www.congress.gov.

A.  Support H.R. 1205/S. 915, the “Social Security Fairness Act”We have 171 co-sponsors on H.R. 1205.

We have 18 co-sponsors on S. 915.

B.  Support the H.R. 964/S. 424, the “Law Enforcement Officers’ Equity Act”

We have 32 cosponsors on H.R. 964.We have 5 cosponsors on S. 424.

C. Support H.R. 4846, the “Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act”

Two additional lawmakers have cosponsored H.R. 4846. We now have 3 co-sponsors.

IV. Reminder: FOP Day on the Hill is February 12-14. Meeting starts at 4:00 p.m. at D.C. Lodge 1. Day on the Hill material is available online.


The FOP’s Day on the Hill event is a key component of our legislative advocacy strategy and our Grassroots Action Network. Having our members here on Capitol Hill, sitting down with their elected Senators and Representatives has a real and lasting impact on the FOP’s ability to move its agenda through Congress. We are coming off of a very successful First Session, but we need to continue to build on that success and we can’t do that without YOU!

Your participation is critical, and while we look forward to seeing old friends and our Day on the Hill veterans, this year we also want to see some new faces. We are challenging our members who do attend to bring along a lodge member who hasn’t yet participated in this event. By increasing the number of officers that lawmakers hear from, the greater effectiveness we will have as an organization. Talk about Day on the Hill in your lodge meetings and help us help you by increasing our participation.

We need Congress focused on OUR issues and OUR safety. We need you to help make sure our voice is heard and we need more voices!

This year’s Day on the Hill will begin on Monday, 12 February 2018. The National Legislative Office and the National Legislative Committee will host a short briefing on our legislative agenda. The briefing will take place on Monday afternoon at D.C. Lodge #1 at 4:00 and will last approximately one hour. Tuesday and Wednesday, 13-14 February, will be devoted to your meetings with Members from your home States and districts. These appointments should be made in advance!!! Event participants should make every effort to have their Representative or Senator attend the meeting along with the appropriate staff person.V.  Follow the FOP on Twitter!

Sign up today for the latest news from Capitol Hill:  https://twitter.com/GLFOP